Exceptional Quality and Specialized Services
in Reverse Distribution
Qualanex is committed to working directly with you to develop a customized and innovative solution for managing all of your reverse distribution needs.
Trade Returns
Qualanex trade return management services are designed to provide manufacturers and their trading partners with a comprehensive program for managing the entire return goods process.
Trade Returns
At Qualanex, we recognize that each manufacturer has a unique set of trade return requirements. That’s why we take the time to develop a customized return goods management solution to meet your specific needs. And, to support your customized solution, we use a combination of innovative technology along with well-designed, value-added services like efficient product processing, validated data management systems, web-based reporting, online return authorization, audit verification and destruction services.

We look forward to discussing the unique features and benefits of our trade return services with you and are confident that our experienced team of reverse distribution experts can design, implement and execute a winning trade return management solution for you and your company.
Why Qualanex?
  • Web-based reporting with real-time data visibility, including item photos.
  • Capture serialization data for decommissioning and to verify unduplicated returns.
  • Highly experienced IT management team with a proven track record in developing innovative reverse distribution management systems.
  • Forward-thinking organization providing the highest levels of personalized service.
  • Extensive regulatory expertise to ensure total compliance for our clients.
  • Comprehensive audit process providing the highest levels of accuracy.
  • Rapid turnaround time to assure efficient return processing.